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[LIVESTREAMs] Paul Gallen vs Justin Hodges Live Broadcast Boxing On 15th Sept. 2022

Gallen vs Hodges & Hannant fight LIVE ON Boxing 15 September 2022. Comments made by Paul Gallen about Justin Hodges' children sparked a somewhat heated reaction from the Maroons great at the weigh-in ahead of Thursday's boxing double header.

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🔴LIVE🔴📺🥊👉Origin Rumble 2022 Live

The time for talking is just about over, with the Origin Rumble about to explode in Brisbane on Thursday night.

For perhaps the last time, former NSW Blues captain Paul Gallen will take to the ring.

Standing before him will be not one but two Queenslanders, with long-time foes Justin Hodges and Ben Hannant eager to get a piece of the former forward.

Gallen (12-2-1, 7KO) might be the heavy favourite, but for the first time in Australian boxing history he will take on two fights — on the same night.

Hodges grabs Gallen by the neck. (Main Event)

Speaking about the preparation for the fight, the former Sharks captain admitted it had been less than ideal and remained "frustrated" with how things have been handled by the promoters and his opponents, Hodges and Ben Hannant.

"You saw what happened at the press conference," Gallen said.

"It's been a pain in the backside, the whole build-up. I got a couple of guys from Queensland having a go at me.

"I've got the promoter not telling me what's going on."

Gallen remains passive. (Main Event)

Gallen enters Thursday night with a record of 12 wins and two losses, seven by knockout.

Hodges looms as the tougher of the two opponents having fought six times and lost once, while Hannant's only fight and loss came against Hodges in June.

What time does the undercard start?

The undercard starts from 7pm (AEST), 6.30pm with at least an hour between Gallen's two fights.


[LIVESTREAMs] Paul Gallen vs. Justin Hodges & Ben Hannant Live Broadcast Boxing On 15th Sept. 2022

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